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Friday, January 22, 2010

Again Faster Equipment has Moved!

Glad you found us! Please visit Again Faster's new site at www.againfaster.com. This one is cool, but the new one is so much better.


Jon Gilson, Owner
Again Faster

Monday, January 29, 2007

PowerMax Fitness Rings

Rings are an amazing tool for developing coordination, balance, and plain old brute strength. Now, Gill Athletics has come up with an easy-to-mount, portable set of rings for the bodyweight training enthusiast.

The PowerMax Fitness Rings have wide straps and retractable buckles to keep your arms from harm, and a textured ring surface to keep your grip sure.

With no moving parts, these rings are built to last. Perform pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups, front levers, back levers, skin-the-cats, and more.

ProMax Fitness Rings retail for $80.00. Email me today for special discount pricing.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Starting Strength

Coach Mark Rippetoe and Dr. Lon Kilgore present the fundamentals of learning and coaching the slow lifts. With 25 years in the fitness industry, Coach Rip knows exactly what he's talking about. He writes with clarity and humor, setting this book apart from your standard sleep-inducing lifting text.

The squat, the deadlift, and the bench press are presented in fantastic detail, including the finer points of biomechanical positioning and range of motion. If you want to get stronger, you owe it to yourself to purchase "Starting Strength".

"Starting Strength: A Simple and Practical Guide for Coaching Beginners" retails for $29.95

Email me today for special discount pricing.

Dynamax Balls

You'll find these in every Crossfit gym on the planet, because there truly is no substitute. Dynamax Balls have a soft feel and a tough vinyl-coated polyester cover, and they're made to withstand all the abuse you can throw at them.

They are standard equipment for the Wall Ball exercise, and they're also helpful if you're planning on doing person-to-person throws and rotational work. The proprietary covering reduces the impact forces of hard throws, making the Dynamax Ball very catchable.

Each has a two-year warranty against lacing and stitching failure. Dynamax Balls come in a variety of weights, ranging from 4 pounds to 20 pounds in 2-pound increments. Every Dynamax Ball is 14" in diameter.

The 20-pound Ball retails for $114.95, while the 14-pound Ball retails for $99.95. All other sizes are available.

Email me today for special discount pricing.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dumbell Moves: Volume 1 DVD

You won't usually find a guy who sells equipment telling you that most equipment is a waste of time. Looks like today's your lucky day.

I go by a few basic rules: If it has moving parts, a power cord, or a seat, it's not worth buying. If it's cold, heavy, and metal, I want two.

Dumbbells are about as cold, heavy, and metal as it gets. In this DVD, Coach Michael Rutherford will teach how to use them to perform 40 different moves. All you need is a pair of moderate-weight dumbbells.

Coach Rut has worked with Grandmas and Olympians, so he has the experience to know that simple is smart. There's no one-footed BOSU ball bullsh*t here; just straight-up dumbbell exercises to build speed, power, coordination, strength, and balance.

"Dumbbell Moves: Volume One" DVD retails for $30.00. Get your copy today.

Email me for special discount pricing.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Pro Power Barbells/Olympic Barbells

The barbell is the heart and soul of the gym. If you’re pursuing any kind of worthwhile fitness, you’ll need one, and you’ll need it quick. We have barbells suitable for powerlifting, weightlifting, and general physical preparation.

The 1500-lb capacity Pro Power Bar is a heat-treated alloy steel bar with a 32mm grip and thrust bearings. We also have a 700-lb. capacity model for those who don’t require a 1500-lb. rating. These barbells feature a 30mm grip and needle bearings, and are sufficient for most applications. Your choice of a black oxide or zinc-plated finish.

We also carry a 7’ Olympic-style bar. This bar is heat tempered for maximum strength and flexibility, featuring self-lubricating bushings to allow free and easy bar spin during the O-lifts. This barbell has a 30mm grip and a 700-lb. capacity.

The Pro Power and Olympic barbells weigh in at 44 pounds each.

For those needing a less demanding weight, we also carry a 15-pound training bar with a 200-lb. capacity.

The Pro Power Bar retails for $163.00 or $141.00, based on the rating. The Olympic-style Bar retails for $133.00. The training bar retails for $125.00.

Email me today for special discount pricing.


We work hip extension and flexion every day at Again Faster, because every athletic movement worth doing relies on explosive hip function. You want to run faster, jump higher, throw further, and hit harder? It's all in the hips, baby.

D-balls allow you to perform the ball slam, a rapid hip flexion exercise, without fear of damaging floors or busting open your expensive medicine balls. D-balls are the de facto choice for this incredibly functional exercise, and they're guaranteed not to break. Every D-ball comes with an instructional sheet to get you started.

The 20-pound D-ball retails for $102.00.

Email me today for special discount pricing.