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Monday, January 22, 2007

Pro Power Barbells/Olympic Barbells

The barbell is the heart and soul of the gym. If you’re pursuing any kind of worthwhile fitness, you’ll need one, and you’ll need it quick. We have barbells suitable for powerlifting, weightlifting, and general physical preparation.

The 1500-lb capacity Pro Power Bar is a heat-treated alloy steel bar with a 32mm grip and thrust bearings. We also have a 700-lb. capacity model for those who don’t require a 1500-lb. rating. These barbells feature a 30mm grip and needle bearings, and are sufficient for most applications. Your choice of a black oxide or zinc-plated finish.

We also carry a 7’ Olympic-style bar. This bar is heat tempered for maximum strength and flexibility, featuring self-lubricating bushings to allow free and easy bar spin during the O-lifts. This barbell has a 30mm grip and a 700-lb. capacity.

The Pro Power and Olympic barbells weigh in at 44 pounds each.

For those needing a less demanding weight, we also carry a 15-pound training bar with a 200-lb. capacity.

The Pro Power Bar retails for $163.00 or $141.00, based on the rating. The Olympic-style Bar retails for $133.00. The training bar retails for $125.00.

Email me today for special discount pricing.

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