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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dumbell Moves: Volume 1 DVD

You won't usually find a guy who sells equipment telling you that most equipment is a waste of time. Looks like today's your lucky day.

I go by a few basic rules: If it has moving parts, a power cord, or a seat, it's not worth buying. If it's cold, heavy, and metal, I want two.

Dumbbells are about as cold, heavy, and metal as it gets. In this DVD, Coach Michael Rutherford will teach how to use them to perform 40 different moves. All you need is a pair of moderate-weight dumbbells.

Coach Rut has worked with Grandmas and Olympians, so he has the experience to know that simple is smart. There's no one-footed BOSU ball bullsh*t here; just straight-up dumbbell exercises to build speed, power, coordination, strength, and balance.

"Dumbbell Moves: Volume One" DVD retails for $30.00. Get your copy today.

Email me for special discount pricing.

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